Zarys koncepcji Habermasowskiej sfery publicznej

The outline of the concept of the Habermas public sphere

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Strona: 19 - 45

Publikacja w numerze: 35 (2015)

Autor: Andrzej Ochman


For Habermas, the public sphere is the centre of social and political life. It is a kind of buffer between the public and the plane of power and politics. Its proper shape provides the possibility of accurate assessment of the problems and their transfer to the centres of decisions. The public sphere is a sphere of private people gathering as an audience, not as passive spectators, but actively participating together in defining and solving problems. The public ideal sphere is seen by Habermas in the eighteenth-century bourgeois-civic sphere, which, however, disintegrates. Element of influence and manipulation become part of the media.