Zarys biblijno-teologicznego rozwoju poznania tajemnicy trynitarnej

The outline of biblical and theological development of the trinitarian mystery cognition

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Strona: 99 - 117

Publikacja w numerze: 35 (2015)

Autor: Paweł Landwójtowicz


The central truth of Christian revelation is that absolutely prime are the Three Divine Persons including their mutual adherence and unity. Their communion constitutes the essence, archetype of all realities and it is something according to what everything should be shaped. The awareness of the Three Divine Persons mystery was consummated centuries ago and has gone through different courses of human intellect investigation. At the beginning the efforts of human intellect and faith are considered, traces of which can be found as early as in The Old Testament, and then in The New Testament. The continuation of these efforts was undertaken by the Fathers of the Church, then councils and all Magisterium until contemporary times (H. Mühlen), when there were attempts to discover essential directions for matrimonial union, resulting from truths discovered thanks to The Trinity.