Wizerunek św. Floriana jako symbol heraldyczny w niektórych herbach polskich gmin i miast

The image of St. Florian as a heraldic symbol in some arms of Polish municipalities and cities

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Strona: 251 - 269

Publikacja w numerze: 36 (2016) nr 1

Autor: Krzysztof Sobkowicz


The image of Saint Florian in comparison with images of other saints, apart from Saint George, it is one of the most frequently used images in Polish arms. The question why is raised as to why that is so? The answer is simple, Saint Florian is an example of a man unyielding in his beliefs, an example of faithfulness to professed religion, an example of valour, courage, dedication, who clearly showed himself to neighbours and friends as a man who wanted to help people, to alleviate their suffering and due to this he became a victim of his own dedication. Saint Florian is a patron of people who out of concern for life, health and property of a neighbour and environment, fight the fires. He is still remembered and revered in many parts of Poland and abroad and it is shown in various ways, including also in the use of his image in local government heraldry.