Wiara jako światło drogi

Faith as the light for the Way

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Strona: 199 - 207

Publikacja w numerze: 33 (2013)

Autor: Krzysztof Góźdź


In Christianity, faith is the light that shows the way towards God and salvation. However, humans are not alone on this road, and they do not invent their ways of reaching God. A faithful person walks the road assigned to him/her by the incarnated Son of God, who also became our own Way to the Father, who is Love. Thus, with Christ, we set on a His path to salvation. This path has four stages, described by the following verbs: believe, understand, pass and possess. First, we need to believe in God as Love. Next, we must comprehend this Love. Then, we can pass this Love on other, and testify to its power, to finally possess the Love. This is how our life journey can be completed and transformed into our eternity with God. The human Way can only be completed as God’s way: shown and walked by God (cf. Jer 21:8). This kind of faith becomes love and transforms into God’s knowledge. 37 BROX,