Vermittler und Reformer. Zur Rolle Julius Pflugs im konfessionellen Findungsprozess

Mediator and reformer. On the role of Julius Pflug in the process of confessional identification

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Strona: 29 - 47

Publikacja w numerze: 37 (2017) nr 2

Autor: Josef Pilvousek


Julius Pflug (1499–1564) was a diplomat, politician and bishop, and in all this functions he took care of the unity of the Church in his time which he considered as necessary for salvation. His involvement is acclaimed both by Catholics and Protestants. Pflug worked for the reform of the Church but he was against their split. Today he can be numbered among the leading representatives of theology of mediation of 16th century. In his activities he can neither be marked to the general historical schemata nor to the category of social discipline. The present article presents the biography of Pflug and describes his theological program, especially his efforts for the unity and reform of the Church.