Verkündigung des Glaubens oder Banalisierung der Heilsbotschaft? Eine Untersuchung der katholischen Jugendmagazine „PUR“ und „theo“

Proclamation of the faith or trivialization of the Gospel message? An exploration of the Catholic youth magazines “PUR” and “theo”

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Strona: 171 - 191

Publikacja w numerze: 38 (2018) nr 2

Autor: Martha Klawitter


In the last fifty years the renewal of the Catholic Church, initiated by the Second Vatican Council, has been reflected in the Catholic media. A lot of attention was also dedicated to the theological discourse and interpretations of the teaching of the Council. But until now less attention was given to the empirical research in the implementation of the documents of the Council, especially those which concern new evangelization and reflection on it in the ecclesiastical or Catholic media. It has been indicated, that the Catholic youth magazines “PUR” and “theo” do not necessarily relate to the level of calling in regards to the new evangelization. According to the principle of modernity, they avoid sometimes the challenges connected with the transfer of content and implications coming from the faith, shaping their message in a way which is on the limits of trivialization of the Gospel message.