Transhumanizm czy humanizm? Krytyczne spojrzenie na nową ideologię

Transhumanism or humanism? A critical view on the new ideology

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Strona: 243 - 263

Publikacja w numerze: 38 (2018) nr 1

Autor: Marian Falenczyk


The western world is slowly recognizing the threats resulting from the new ideology called transhumanism that started thirty years ago in the United States. The ideology of transhumanism draws from rapidly converging technologies such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, cognitive science and genetic engineering. Transhumanism wants to be a positive response to postmodernism and nihilism sweeping developed countries. It aspires
to ignore the natural law and current anthropology. It aims to cover all dimensions of the human being to ensure unlimited earth-life extendibility, happiness and unfathomable pleasure. Transhumanism takes aim to eradicate current civilizations and cultures, rejects history, nationality, family and religion. Instead transhumanism wants to introduce global culture and civilization for a human as a product of biotechnology. Transhumanism reduces the human to a material dimension and intentionally confines him to this dimension. The progress of the new ideology appears difficult to stop and its catastrophic impact on humans and society is difficult to foresee. We must therefore explore the field of philosophy; mostly through returning to the metaphysics of existence by St Thomas Aquinas, through affirmation of biblical anthropology and finally through a comprehensive return to contemplative theology.