Theology and the public arena from a Polish point of view

Teologia i sfera publiczna z polskiej perspektywy

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Strona: 43 - 58

Publikacja w numerze: 38 (2018) nr 2

Autor: Konrad Glombik


One of the important and actually problems of theology is its place in the public arena. Concerning this matter are connected questions about experiences, problems and possibilities and challenges which have a contextual character. The present article discusses this issue from the point of view of Polish experiences and opportunities. At the beginning on the basis of reflections of Polish theologians is presented the connection in the public arena with the nature of theology and its tasks which are to be fulfilled in Church and in society. In this regard specific characteristics in an ecclesial dimension of theology are discussed. In the next step were showed kinds of public arena in which it is possible to study and teach theology and the work of its representatives. In Poland it is politics and the social sphere, culture and media and especially the academic world. In the next point were depicted the main experiences and problems of Polish theology and Polish theologians within the public arena. At the end are presented important challenges for theology and its presence in the public arena. The present article is not the complete presentation of a very complex problem but a depiction of it and will inspire research and studies about theology and its place in the public arena.