Teologicznofundamentalne modele relacji teologii i nauk ścisłych

Fundamental theological models of the relation between theology and sciences

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Strona: 31 - 61

Publikacja w numerze: 36 (2016) nr 2

Autor: Rafał Pokrywiński


This paper presents a couple of models linking theology and science from an fundamental theological perspective. The idea to write such an article was generated from the lectures of Prof. W. Grygiel who represents the M. Heller’s school of philosophy of science. The purpose of this overview aims at showing multiple means of perceiving the relation between theology and science, which may be used in achieving both theological and scientific outcomes without mixing the proper methodology. The article consists of five points. It begins with two main tendencies in the background of creating new models: the dialogical and apological ones that come from the fundamental theological point of view. The next parts describe the following models: praxeological, ancilla theologiae, personalistic and theology of science. Each model was appraised according to its strong and weak points.