Światło i kolor – uniwersalne walory architektury sakralnej

The light and the color – universal symbols of sacral architecture

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Strona: 423 - 432

Publikacja w numerze: 35 (2015)

Autor: Jan Rabiej


Color is a kind of solar ray. Science conducts research on color as a physical phenomenon, physic-chemical as well as physiological. Light and color are elementary means of human orientation in the environment. Rational values with intuitional ones link mutually there. The light and the color are the basic, aesthetic categories for the visual arts even for sacral architecture. A man experiences architecture by thanks and through the senses of: sight, touch, hearing and smell. The meaning of architecture is completed by metaphysical human instinct. The light is a creator of both the physical dimension and metaphysical structures. Without the light, the architecture loses a polysensual integrality. The light and color are universal values which make the architecture sacral space. They enable the creation of a symbolic narration in the form of the building. Thanks to the three-dimensional spaces of contemporary religious sites, we intuitively perceive the infinite element – transcendence.