Rewitalizacja kościołów i wspólnot regionu Erlitztal na pograniczu czesko-polskim jako próba rekonstrukcji świata symbolicznego

Revitalization of churches and communities on the Czech-Polish border Erlitztal as an attempt of reconstruction of symbolic world

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Strona: 403 - 421

Publikacja w numerze: 35 (2015)

Autor: František Burda


The article deals with the role of the cultural element of religiosity in the construction of the social reality in the microregion Erlitztal on the Czech-Polish border. Special attention is paid to the process of transformation of this phenomenon in the period from 1938 to the present. Initial stimulus and information sources are the memories of witnesses, which often previously were never published and unpublished records in the local parish chronicles. The aim is to highlight the role of religion in shaping the symbolic formula of intersubjective worlds of Erlitztal’s inhabitants, and in shaping their identity. Religion uncovers the function of strengthening communities, thus the function of legitimation of the symbolic world and intersubjective worlds.