Religions, terrorism and war

Religie, terroryzm i wojna

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Strona: 65 - 75

Publikacja w numerze: 37 (2017) nr 2

Autor: Pierre de Charentenay


Terrorism has expanded worldwide. It became necessary to look for a new framework of analysis in order to understand this type of violence. The expression “third world war” has been used in different circumstances. But terrorism is not a war because the two enemies are not well identified and conflict is not precisely located. There is a conflict in Syria and Iraq, but it is not a world war. The term “third world war” is also dangerous because it gives the impression that you will be able to end terrorism by some kind of act of war. The expression “war on terrorism” has technically not any sense. But terrorism has an aspect where religions are concerned: this is the individual decision to enter into a process of radicalization. One of the most fruitful places of peace building for religions is the interreligious dialogue at local level, schools, municipalities, churches. Global dialogue has no impact on the field if there is no action and connection at the local level.