Proces rehabilitacyjny św. Joanny d’Arc (1450–1456)

The process of rehabilitation St. Jeanne d’Arc (1450–1456)

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Strona: 169 - 187

Publikacja w numerze: 36 (2016) nr 1

Autor: Mariusz Kuźba


The Inquisition, which largely determines the assessment of Jeanne d’Arc developed over the centuries. Her legal procedure aimed to avoid miscarriages of justice. The Joanna process is an example of the numerous deficiencies. English, which was a symbol of French resistance, tried not only to eliminate it from the political reality, but to destroy the good name (unwarranted extension of the judges, the pay for it, imaginary accusations). The process of rehabilitation St. Jeanne d’Arc is an unprecedented procedure documenting abuses. In connection with the intervention of the Pope himself, to which the appeal previously prevented, through the actions of King Charles VII, and by the testimony of many people associated with the process of sentencing has been rehabilitated the good name of “Virgin of Orleans”.