Postawy duchowieństwa katolickiego wobec systemu komunistycznego w województwie opolskim w latach 1950–1956. Zarys problemu

The Catholic Clergy’s Attitude towards the Communist System in Opole Voivodeship between the years 1950–1956

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Strona: 187 - 206

Publikacja w numerze: 36 (2016) nr 2

Autor: Janusz Stefaniak


The present article concerns the Catholic clergy’s attitude towards the communist system in the Opole Voivodeship. From the beginning
of changes to the political system in 1944 members of the clergy were submitted to various forms of forcing them to be politically loyal and ready to cooperate with the authorities. The research undertaken leads to a conclusion that the opinion promoted by contemporary propaganda presenting attitudes among the clergy as mostly positive does not seem to be so certain. In the Opole Diocese passive and moderate feelings certainly dominated, as well as those awaiting. Disapproving or even hostile attitudes towards the new system, authorities, directives and decrees passed were not uncommon. Positive attitudes were rare. In 1956 the repressive policy of the authorities towards the clergy was only partly restricted.