Opolskie Roczniki Diecezjalne 1947–2010

Annals of the Diocese of Opole from 1947 to 2010

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Strona: 207 - 230

Publikacja w numerze: 34 (2014)

Autor: Piotr Górecki


Diocesan annals are indispensable help in exploring not only the history of the diocese. They were then and are still a valuable source of knowledge about managing ecclesiastical unit as they present the status of ecclesiastical administrative unit from that time. The list of the annals confirms the often long-term continuity of curial departments and other sections that assist in easy administration of the diocese. They present a real picture of the diocese, its parish system, the state of ownership, the number and status of the clergy. On the basis of the annals of the (Administration) Diocese of Opole the author presented in the above item the historical outline of the diocese as well as the content and subject contents of church periodicals. In the Diocese of Opole the issues were named annals, although the authority of the Church did not plan their annual edition. Not only the ecclesiastical authority decided on the frequency of their publication but also the secular state apparatus, wary of publishing activities of the local Church. The whole discourse is completed by the catalogue of 20 annals of the (Administration) Diocese of Opole issued from 1947 to 2010. In the catalogue the author listed in detail subject contents of each of the annals and he recorded layout changes and novelties that were introduced in later editions to a more affordable and comprehensive presentation of the diocese.