Obecność teoretycznych i metateoretycznych założeń współczesnej pedagogiki chrześcijańskiej w De catechizandis rudibus św. Augustyna

The presence of theoretical and metatheoretical assumptions of contemporary Christian pedagogy in De catechizandis rudibus by Saint Augustine

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Strona: 227 - 249

Publikacja w numerze: 36 (2016) nr 1

Autor: Leszek Waga


The purpose of this article is to prove the topicality of Saint Augustine’s educational postulates presented in the De catechizandis rudibus thesis written around year 400. The first two sections of these deliberations present metatheoretical and theoretical assumptions of contemporary Christian pedagogy. The assumptions were developed by the Polish Academy of Science Christian Pedagogy Team in 2004. The third section reconstructs the assumptions based on the educational postulates contained in De catechizandis rudibus. The issues discussed by Saint Augustine: opening to a dialogue with the contemporary world; absence of authoritarianism in education and allowing for the disciple’s free choice; realistic visions of the world and of the Church; subjectivity of all the participants in the educational relationship; integrity of education and educational (and not only moralizing) function of the Bible are inherent in the issues of contemporary Christian pedagogy.