Nienaruszalność życia ludzkiego w nauczaniu Benedykta XVI

Inviolability of human life in the teaching of Benedict XVI

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Strona: 209 - 219

Publikacja w numerze: 35 (2015)

Autor: Damian Cieślik


During his pontificate, Benedict XVI, as his predecessors also, engaged in the defence of human life. The Pope said that human uniqueness does not allow it to be equated with other living beings. Benedict XVI in his own writings and speeches draws attention to the fact that today technology and eugenic mentality generate many threats to human life. He draws attention to the following ones: abortion, euthanasia, artificial insemination, war and terrorism. To prevent such threats the whole society needs to be involved. A special role in the protection of human life has to be met by political authorities, academics and scientists.