Nauczyciel religii jako animator kultury w środowisku wiejskim

A religion teacher as an organiser of culture in a rural environment

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Strona: 257 - 269

Publikacja w numerze: 35 (2015)

Autor: Anna Zellma


The work of a religion teacher is a type of ecclesial and social activity. The role of a religion teacher as a person sent by the community of the Church is to fulfil teaching and educational tasks, and to deliver a testimony of faith to pupils, parents and other teachers. The school management entrusts a religion teacher with specific educational tasks resulting from the professional duties specified, among others, in the Teacher’s Charter. Their specific form and method of performance depends on the local environment. The analyses undertaken in this article are connected not only with the teaching and educational activity of a religion teacher, but also with social and cultural activity. Their goal was to present the religion teacher as an organiser of culture in a rural environment. This activity is strictly connected with evangelisation activity, in which cultural values are taken into account. The author describes the function of an organiser of culture, and then presents the social context of a rural environment. In connection with these issues, the scope of the social and cultural activity of a religion teacher in a rural environment is shown. In addition, the author points out the strategies and skills that are necessary in social and cultural activities, accepting not only the aspect of religious education, but also the aspect of general education in the subject area concerned. In a rural environment schools are often the only public institutions that fulfil both educational and cultural functions. For this reason, all members of school staff, including religion teachers, are expected to engage in the development and integration of the rural community.