Mityczny Feniks w służbie chrześcijaństwa — analiza zagadnienia na podstawie wybranych źródeł ikonograficznych

Mythical Phoenix in the service of Christianity — an analysis of the concept on the basis of selected iconographic sources

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Strona: 263 - 272

Publikacja w numerze: 34 (2014)

Autor: Anna Grzywa


The mythical phoenix bird was a symbol that was used by Christian writers as well. Consequently, it was used both in literature and the art. In the early Christian iconography the phoenix is usually portrayed on its own; relatively rare at the time of death in the flames or at collective scenes, mostly in the so-called tradition legis. For Christians, it was above all a symbol of resurrection of Christ, it likewise symbolised longevity and future happiness. The symbol of phoenix read in the catechumenal key pointed to the new life that catechumens commence through the baptismal mystery.