Maryja w tajemnicy Chrystusa w nauczaniu św. Cyryla Aleksandryjskiego

Mary in the mystery of Christ in the teachings of St. Cyril of Alexandria

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Strona: 123 - 136

Publikacja w numerze: 34 (2014)

Autor: Robert Sadlak


The incarnation of Jesus Christ is closely related with the Divine motherhood of Virgin Mary. She was chosen to bear the incredible dignity of Mother of God – Theotokos. The matter is reflected on very clearly in the teaching of St. Cyril, bishop of Alexandria. Mary and Jesus are bonded with mysterious ties of motherhood and filiation. Thus, it is the matter of appearance of God’s Word on Earth. Owing to Mary, God became a man and according to Fathers of the Church, her motherhood is rooted in and is the ideal sign of real faith. St. Cyril of Alexandria, who had a significant impact on the Council of Ephesus in A.D. 431, preaches about this matter in this teaching.