Kontrowersje doktrynalne wokół natury poszczególnych aktów administracyjnych (kan. 35–93 KPK)

The doctrinal controversies concerning the nature of particular administrative acts in the Code of Canon Law (can. 35–93)

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Strona: 271 - 280

Publikacja w numerze: 35 (2015)

Autor: Ginter Dzierżon


The author of the article discusses the controversies arising around the category of particular administrative acts present in the Code of 1983. He proves that the ongoing dispute results mainly from the specificity of the nature of these acts. The inconsistency in opinions of various authors concerning the question of terminology, the specificity of particular administrative acts such as legal acts, the problem of the nature of the power making proper decisions as well as the question of the addressee of an act and its written nature. According to the author, particular administrative acts are unilateral definite acts issued by an executive power in both written and spoken form.