Katechetyczne myśli encykliki papieża Franciszka Lumen fidei

Catechetical thoughts of Pope Francis encyclical Lumen fidei

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Strona: 271 - 282

Publikacja w numerze: 33 (2013)

Autor: Jerzy Kostorz


This article attempted to present catechetical thoughts included in the encyclical Lumen fidei. It is the newest papal encyclical, the first during the pontificate of Pope Francis. Its subject matter is connected with “The year of faith” celebrated in the Catholic Church. This encyclical was created with significant participation of Benedict XVI, the predecessor of the present Pope Francis. The present Pope added a few thoughts to this draft. Firstly, this reflection was focused on depicting the understanding of faith in Lumen fidei encyclical. The attention was paid to catechetical message relating to faith. Next, the subject of faith stimulation and developmet in catechesis was discussed. Although this encyclical is not devoted to catechesis it contains many important catechetical thoughts. Therefore, an attempt was made to discover these catechetical truths and show their meaning for reflection and catechists’ work.