Historia Domu Rekolekcyjnego Konferencji Episkopatu Polski „Księżówka” w Zakopanem w latach 1910–1945

The History of the “Księżówka” retreat house of the Polish Bishop Conference in Zakopane in the years 1910–1945

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Strona: 125 - 144

Publikacja w numerze: 36 (2016) nr 2

Autor: Andrzej Szczepaniak


The article depicts the way in which the house for priests in Zakopane was formed. It starts from the decision adopted by the Health House for Priests Association in 1891 to build it and up to the completion of the works including the creation of a medical establishment. The house served different purposes: it was a health and tourist house for priests, and, more recently, a retreat house. Its services were addressed exclusively to clergy, or encompassed a wider range of lay people. The paper describes the climate in “Księżówka” in the days of the Austrian partition, in the Second Polish Republic, and during the Nazi occupation.