Górnośląskie szlaki św. Jakuba — próba uzupełnienia

Upper Silesia trails of St. James — trial of supplement

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Strona: 135 - 151

Publikacja w numerze: 33 (2013)

Autor: Klaudia Wyleżoł


St. James the apostle, know as Elder, is without doubt on of the most valued person from the Christian world. Cult of St. James grew in medieval age, when people started writing tales about him. Fame of St. James the Elder didn’t avoid Poland, as evidenced by the many churches dedicated to him. Main goal of this article is to show Upper Silesia trails of St. James. Even in the Middle Ages, many pilgrims went through these roads. The Way of St. James leads to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain — one of the most important Christian place during medieval times, together with Rome and Jerusalem. Nowadays, more and more Upper Silesia cities joins to St. James’ Way. Unfortunately, these trails are missing places, where the cult of St. James developed for centuries. Many Polish and the more European visitors have no idea that in the Upper Silesia are many temples dedicated to St. James. The article focuses on the description of those locations.