Encyklika Lumen fidei w świetle prawosławnej antropologii

Encyclical Letter Lumen fidei in the Light of the Orthodox Anthropology

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Strona: 257 - 269

Publikacja w numerze: 33 (2013)

Autor: Krzysztof Leśniewski


Lumen fidei, the first encyclical letter of Pope Francis is a very important document which presents the official teaching on faith of the Roman Catholic Church. A characteristic feature of this encyclical is an ecumenical way of presenting faith-based issues on biblical and theological foundations. It is worth noting that this document, important anthropological issues presents in the spirit of Christian personalism. This article attempts to reflect on the understanding of man as an individual and a person in relation to the encyclical and the Orthodox anthropology. In addition, the focus is on the relationship to the faith so important anthropological concepts, such as the heart, the intellect and the reason.