Elementy duchowości ekologicznej w encyklice papieża Franciszka Laudato si’

Elements of the ecological spirituality in the encyclical letter of Pope Francis Laudato si’

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Strona: 147 - 157

Publikacja w numerze: 38 (2018) nr 1

Autor: Ada Wałowska


Spirituality and ecology appear to be two extreme areas of life, but the encyclical letter by Pope Francis Laudato si’ is not in agreement with this thesis and thus shows integrity in the matter. The Pope points out the reason for the increasing ecological crisis. This reason, is the breaking up of the relation with God-Creator. The lack of love to Him which makes us not love the world that He created, and that is why there are many problems, e.g. Civilization sicknesses, noise, haste, unrest, pollutions, lack of clean water, etc. The only solution is “ecological conversion”, which helps us to build the right values hierarchy and consequently brings about a return to healing our relationship with God, with other people and finally healing the condition of the world.