Die Gültigkeit der Prophetenbotschaft. Jesaja und das Problem der sozialen Gerechtigkeit

Actuality of prophetic message. Isaiah and the problem of social justice

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Strona: 59 - 78

Publikacja w numerze: 38 (2018) nr 2

Autor: Marek Dziony


Is it possible to penetrate people’s minds, even those who lived several hundred years ago? Does the Bible exegesis have its place in public space? The prophetic message remains as current as it is today, even after fulfilling the messianic prophecies. It is noticed on many levels. First of all, the message of the prophets raises problems that humanity has been struggling with despite the passage of time. In addition, it conveys universal truths about God, man and the world. The biblical text can also be explored with new methods that reveal and confirm the message of the Holy Scriptures. It happens also with the conceptual metaphor – the method transferred to the exegesis from cognitive linguistics. It is the method that makes the so-called black box, or the human mind, becomes even more transparent for the researcher. And the results of the text analysis, carried out with the aforementioned method, complement and confirm the results of previous research.