Człowiek wobec czasu i wieczności. Koncepcja Tadeusza S. Wojciechowskiego

Man in the Presence of Time and Eternity. The Conception of Tadeusz S. Wojciechowski

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Strona: 7 - 21

Publikacja w numerze: 33 (2013)

Autor: Kazimierz M. Wolsza


The aim of the paper is to give an analysis of the theory of time as an essential element in the structure of material being (Tadeusz S. Wojciechowski). Since the time of ARISTOTLE philosophers tried to organize entities of the kinds which Aristotle celled categories (substance and accidents). The notion of substance plays a central role in the metaphysics. According to Aristotle (and scholasticism or neoscholasticism) the time is an accidential element in the structure of material being. In Wojciechowski’s theory the time is an attribute of substance. Substantial being is temporal and mutable. The most original element of Wojciechowski’s views was a conception of mind. The human being exists in two dimensions: in time and outside of time (in aevum). The man has his biological nature but he transcends it. The human body is temporal, the human mind is already extra-temporal. The resurrection of the body can to interpret as the liberation of the body from time and space. Wojciechowski’s views may be regarded as one form of modernizing of neoscholastic philosophy of nature.