Baptysteria rzymskie w Liber Pontificalis. Część II: Baptysterium w Bazylice św. Piotra

Roman baptisteries in “Liber Pontificalis”. Part II: The baptistery in St. Peter’s Basilica

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Strona: 313 - 320

Publikacja w numerze: 34 (2014)

Autor: Henryk Pietras


This article about the baptistery in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome is — to a certain extent — the continuation of the paper written by Monika Ożóg about the Lateran baptistery. The source upon which this text is based is also Liber Pontificalis. We do not have the data about the founder of the analysed baptistery. Two inscriptions attributed to Damasus and known from the Mediaeval copies refer to it. What is also problematic is its exact localisation. There are some hypotheses holding that it was located behind the basilica complex as well as those, according to which it was situated inside the basilica, in its northern transept.