Auferstehung im Tod und Vollendung der Welt im Lichte der individuellen Eschatologie von Gisbert Greshake

Resurrection in death and the addition of the world in the light of individual eschatology by Gisbert Greshake

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Strona: 119 - 132

Publikacja w numerze: 35 (2015)

Autor: Joachim Nowak


Gisbert Greshake is a leading German theologian in discussions about resurrection at the moment of death. He defends the thesis that death connects with resurrection, which happens at the moment of death. Consequently this thesis supports man’s unity, which is not destroyed even in death. During death, man meets with God the same as he was in his “corporeality”. In this view the soul carries in himself the revived and adored body, and through this his past world expression. God concludes in the resurrection what man did and realized in his earthly life. Greshake pays attention to one intermediate state, of which the results from this are that the departed people do not reach their fulfillment at the moment of resurrection and rather wait for living people. The German theologian’s justification is due to the fact that the expectation of those risen in death are for the addition of the world.