Apologetic approach on the dialogue between faith and rationality by the Oriental Fathers

Apologetyczne podejście do dialogu między wiarą i rozumem u Ojców Wschodnich

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Strona: 103 - 120

Publikacja w numerze: 38 (2018) nr 1

Autor: Ioniță Apostolache


Only our Lord, Jesus Christ, the incarnated Word of the Father, made us, due to his quality as Pantocrator, to “overcome the autonomy of the natural world” and liberated us from the power of irrational forces. Therefore, the dialogue between theology and science is very important for our natural existence. Without science, modern man cannot exist within his earthly environment and without theology he is not given the possibility to enjoy eternal communion with God in the Kingdom of Heaven. This being the case, the Holy Scripture and the Holy Father also, unite the two elements; this unity being sheltered by faith, which is beyond reason and any type of autonomy.